Making Practice a Priority

How frequently a competitive bowler should practice all depends on what they want to improve, what they need to improve, and what their team requires.

Develop a Practice Routine

If you want to bowl competitively, you’ll want to develop some kind of practice routine that works with your schedule. Even the best bowlers need to constantly improve their skills and small flaws in their game. Consider the following points when developing your practice routine.

Elements to Improve

Everyone has elements in their skills and game strategies that need improvement. The key to figuring how much practice you need in between games and tournaments is assessing what you need to practice on. Practicing in those specific areas will help improve your entire game overall. Plan out what needs improvement and make time for those specific things, a part from regular game practice with your team.

Frequent Practicing

It’s important to have regular, frequent practice. This is important not only for improving your skills, but also for developing muscle memory in your body. If you practice enough that the muscles remember the motions automatically, it will make your game that much better. If you bowl in one competitive league per week, you’ll want to try and get at least one practice day a few days before the game. Try to practice for at least an hour each time.

Easy Score Keeping

Remember when it comes to practicing, not to be too hard on yourself with the score of each practice game. When you’re trying to strengthen your timing, speed, and accuracy, the score is the least important factor. Don’t get distracted by your score. Try to stay focused on the improvements you’re trying to achieve.

Professional Coaching

Many competitive bowlers hire professional coaches to help them practice and improve. It’s a great idea to work with a certified USBC coach in your area. The cost of hiring a professional instructor is actually less than the cost of some bowling balls. If you’re going to hire a coach, the most important thing to consider is how well you get along. You’re not going to be able to practice effectively if you hate your coach.