Hoverboards: Are They Safe?

Hoverboards are among the coolest devices around. These self-balancing scooters are small, mobile, and convenient, as long as you have a decent sense of balance. They have recently undergone attacks as being unsafe. You may wonder if you should buy one for yourself or your kids. As long as you follow some guidelines, a hoverboard […]

3 Reasons To Consider An Inflatable Kayak

Going kayaking can be a very exciting and fun experience, provided that you have the right equipment. The most important piece of equipment, the kayak, comes in two basic types: inflatable and rigid. While a rigid kayak does have a lot of advantages, listed below are three reasons to consider an inflatable kayak instead. Weight […]

Correct Your Swing and Enjoy Your Game: Common Misconceptions about Golf

American culture has long been centered on sport and recreation, and golf has boomed in popularity over recent years. Because golf provides an excellent opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature without being overly strenuous, many people look for ways to improve their golf game without having a proper understanding of whether the advice they’re […]