About Martin Steers

My name is Martin and I know a thing or two about competitive bowling. I grew up really loving bowling. My parents played on a competitive bowling team for most of their married life. They would partner up with other couples in our neighborhood, and always had a great time competing in bowling tournaments. As a result, my sisters and I learned how to bowl at very young ages. We loved spending time at the bowling alley with our parents and the other children that would come with their parents too. I have so many great childhood memories tied to the game of bowling.
As I started getting older, I too wanted to join a professional bowling league with my friends. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that bowling competitively was a lot more work than I knew. True I knew a lot about the game of bowling, the rules, the tricks, and how to score a spare. But I hadn’t ever practiced the way a dedicated player should. I realized that I needed to start perfecting my skills and taking the game seriously if I wanted to make my parents proud. If you want to learn more about how to join a bowling team, practice, and play competitively, this blog is for you.