Essential Inshore Fishing Boat Accessories

If you’re an inshore fisherman with a center console boat, you know how important having the right accessories can be for putting more fish into your boat. Not all accessories, however, are necessary for center console boats.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right inshore fishing accessories for center console boats:

Power Pole

A power pole is essential for inshore fishing. Unlike an anchor, which can drag in shallow, swift moving water, a power pole is designed to penetrate soft sandy bottoms to lock you in place. When choosing a power pole, look for one that extends to half the length of your boat. This portionality is important, as having a power pole that’s too long or too short can cause your center console boat to bog down or not be long enough to properly hold you in place.

Trolling Motor

Although some inshore anglers believe that their outboard motor(s) will provide sufficient propulsion, they often fail to consider the shallow cuts, coves, flats, and sandbars that can emerge with the changing tides. These shallow situations can spell potential catastrophe for your outboard motor, which can drag on the bottom or be felled by oyster bars and reefs. Additionally, inshore species like bone and redfish are easily spooked by the vibrations of large motors.

Top Mounted Rod Holders

One of the most important features of center console boats is that they allow for wide open decks, perfect for casting from just about any place or angle on the boat. Few things clatter an otherwise open deck, however, like fishing rods. Top mounted rod holders are the perfect antidote to side mounted rod holders. When choosing a top mounted rod holder, look for one that slightly narrower than your boat’s center console. This will ensure that it can be securely mounted and weather stormy conditions more reliably. Top mounted rod holders are also great for trolling.

Pole Perch

A pole perch is the ideal way to scout for fish on an inshore flat while using a long pole to move your craft silently through the water. When choosing a pole perch it’s important to choose one that is no wider than your center console. Similar to the top mounted rod holders, this will help ensure that the pole perch you choose to right for your sized vessel.

Center console boats are perfect for inshore fishing adventures. Outfitting your boat with the right accessories is the key to getting the most out of your boat. For more information, contact a business such as Boater’s Landing.