3 Hazards In The Sky That A Boat Lift Canopy Will Protect Your Boat From

A boat lift protects boats from water stains, algae, and waves by lifting boats out of the water when they’re not in use. Without a canopy, though, a boat lift does little to shield boats from overhead hazards. Here are some ways that adding a boat lift canopy will provide your boat with additional, important protections.

Prevent Fading from Sunlight

Just as water can discolor the bottom of your boat, sunlight can change the color of the top and the interior of your boat. If left out in direct sunlight, your boat’s upholstery, carpeting, and paint can fade over time. This can leave your watercraft looking worn out, or even splotchy, if some parts are exposed to direct sunlight but others are shielded by the boat’s cabin or top.

A boat lift canopy will protect your entire boat from direct sunlight. You’ll still be able to see when getting your boat out and putting it away, as indirect sunlight will be able to come in under the canopy. Indirect sunlight, however, won’t cause fading like direct sunlight will.

Protect from Birds’ Droppings

Birds are indiscriminate about where they do their business. If they’re flying over your boat when they need to go, their droppings will land on your vessel. Bird droppings are a particular issue for a lot of boat owners, as boats are usually kept near shore, and many birds live along the shoreline.

There’s no way to stop birds from going to the bathroom while flying overhead, but a canopy is the next best option. A boat lift canopy will catch any bird droppings that would otherwise fall on your boat.

Shield Your Boat from Leaves and Other Debris

Similarly, a boat lift canopy will also shield your boat from leaves and other debris. Instead of falling inside your boat, any leaves, twigs, or other debris that would fall on it will hit your canopy and be swept to the side. They’ll ultimately end up in the water next to your boat, rather than in your boat.

It’s easier to remove leaves than it is to clean off bird droppings, but shielding your boat from debris is just as important as protecting it from birds’ fecal matter. Insects often live in trees, and they can come into your boat if leaves fall into it. Additionally, larger branches can sometimes puncture upholstery if they fall into the boat the wrong way.