Keeping Leftover Fireworks Safe From Damage

If you recently purchased discounted fireworks for sale at a holiday event or just to light off on your own for fun, you will most likely want to take the necessary steps in safeguarding any extras so they can be used in the future. Since fireworks are easily flammable, they need special care to ensure they do not cause a fire while being stored. It is also necessary to protect them from moisture so you can use them when desired. Here are some steps you can take when putting your leftover fireworks into storage for use at a later date.

Pick The Right Enclosure

It is important that you do not store your fireworks in a cardboard box. If this were to come into contact with flame, the entire batch of your fireworks would ignite quickly, possibly causing damage to your property as well as causing you to lose the ability to reuse the stash later on. A metal or plastic container with a tightly sealed lid works well at protecting fireworks from accidental moisture exposure as well as minimizing the risk of a fire.

Label The Container Appropriately

To help warn others that fireworks are in the enclosure you select, it is important to label the outside of the container with the contents being housed inside. Make sure to put the word “Fireworks” in dark, bold print so the container is not placed in an area where moisture or flame exposure is likely.

Select A Secure Spot For Storage

It is extremely important that you do not place your fireworks inside of your home or any other structure where people sleep. They should also be put in an area where children are unable to access them. Placing them in a shed or detached garage with locking capabilities is best as it will protect those in your home from potential injury.

Take Additional Safety Precautions

When you put your container in a secure area, it is a good idea to check the surrounding items for anything deemed flammable. Remove gas containers, oil cartons, or heating appliances from the storage area so there is no risk of someone using these items around the stored fireworks. Do not place your container of fireworks in the direct path of the doorway of the storage area. This way, if the fireworks do ignite, anyone in the area will be able to get to safety as necessary. It is also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher next to the container in case of an emergency.