Revolvers Chambered For Semi-Auto Ammunition Have Great Positives For Concealed Carry Holders

Revolvers have lost a lot of their popularity among those with a license to carry permit. Smaller, single-stack semi-automatic pistols deliver faster firing along with much more powerful cartridges. The design of the traditional snubnose revolver has numerous benefits over a semi-automatic pistol. Yet, concerns such as the weak power of a .38 special and the high cost of .44 special ammunition lead many toward buying semi-automatics. Gun manufacturers have addressed these concerns and produced special revolvers designed to fire semi-automatic cartridges. The features on these revolvers make them worth considering by anyone with a concealed carry permit.

Rimless No More

Semi-automatic cartridges are rimless, which normally makes them extremely difficult to eject with a revolver’s extractor rod. The development of removable and built-in moon clips add a rim to any bullets put into the cylinder. So, problems with extracting or inserting ammunition is eliminated. Now, the following added benefits are accessible to those who wish to carry a revolver:

  • Sleek Size and Expanded Strength

Concealed carry weapons have to be small in size in order to remain hidden on one’s person. The weapons also have sufficient stopping power. A snubnose .38 is easy to conceal, but lacks sufficient power. A revolver designed for more powerful 9mm and .40 semi-auto cartridges delivers extra power in a smaller package

  • Elimination of Jams

Semi-automatic pistols rely on a slide to eject and insert cartridges. The slide can jam for a number of reason ranging from a dirty gun to weak magazine springs to poorly oiled parts. A revolver’s cylinder rarely seizes and, if there is a dud misfire, no clearing is required. Just pull the trigger and the next round moves with the cylinder.

  • No Slide Manipulation

In close quarters, an assailant could lunge at a weapon and push the slide back. If an assailant pushes the slide back, then there is no way to fire the weapon. Revolvers have no slide and some do not even have hammers. Hence, this problem is eliminated.

  • Easier Cleaning

A revolver does not have to be taken completely apart and its various components meticulously cleaned. The complex parts of a semi-auto do require this type of cleaning. With a revolver, a basic cleaning of the cylinder holes and the bore eliminate the remote chance the gun won’t work when required. A revolver maintains a higher level of reliability without the added expense of cleaning by a gunsmith.

The Simpler the Better

The traditional revolver is very simple in design and easy to use. Both of these traits make the weapon a lot easier to use in high stress situations. Now that old-time revolvers can fire more powerful ammunition, there is no reason to dismiss the gun’s effectiveness.

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